Woke up wanting to emigrate. I don’t want my taxes to go towards any of this and I sure ain’t sticking around for the two years (or however many years ahead) of utter crap and turmoil that will follow from yesterday (see the papers). Partner is depressed as usual. That does however mean that he is up for emigrating. I’ve suggested a quick weekend trip to Dublin to get a feel for the place- he’s been before (he also now has an Irish passport). Unfortunately my parents and grandparents failed to pass on my Irish lineage to me, despite the fact my grandmother was born in Ireland. They’ve changed the rules to make just that little bit harder to get a passport. Who else is on the shortlist?

Belgium. My dad is in Belgium and has a spare bedroom. Many policy jobs and young British people work in Brussels. Could enable an easy move. It’s an ISIS terror target but then I’m female and I drink beer and don’t wear a burka and support gender equality, I’m a walking target anyway.
Canada. Genuinely, what is in Canada? More research needed.
France is out of the question with Marine Le Douche and the Burkini Ban.
Australia lock immigrants up on an island and leave them there to suffer, so not that.
New Zealand. I’ve been told there isn’t anything in New Zealand. Except Parliament and hills.

I think for now my shortlist rests at Dublin and Brussels. One speaks English and the other French. #do-able.