I haven’t written for a while. Mainly because work has gone crazy (and potentially the UK/World/Everyone).

Theresa May announced a General Election and I could have really done without it. Other half has gone off the rails (again). A Tory government in his head transpires as this country being run by the Daily Mail and an angry group of fascists (TBC whether this is accurate or not- note that the DM’s head/hateline the day after the election announcement was ‘Crush the saboteurs‘).

At any other time in my life, I would have been fascinated with what this election could result in. But right now, I’m tired. And politics is a burden on my life. A burden which means I have to get up and persuade my other half to get up with me, that the world won’t end today, and that a Tory government with a much bigger majority won’t be that bad, that we should focus on the things we can change, that Theresa May isn’t really evil and may be the Lib Dems will in fact get some seats back.

I can’t put into words how hard it is to continue to be the one to hold the beacon of hope.

Add to this the fact that Liz Truss today scrapped something I have spent 100% of my time over the last month working on because the election means there won’t be time to pass the relevant law. Livid doesn’t cover it. And I will not forget this. I wonder if this will make a for change in how my generation vote as we get older- will we be the generation that┬ánever forgive or forget for being so cruelly ignored at this critical point in time? That in fact, as we get older, we go left rather than right?

In other news, I will be considering whether to quit my job over the weekend. I don’t have a job lined up. Risque some may say, but it’ll put pressure on me to find a job. Maybe I can be one of the first ‘How I struggled to find a job in today’s uncertain Brexit world’ (although unlikely because the turnover in the Civil Service is so huge at the moment, throw a penny and you’ll hit a vacancy).

Potentially, it could also allow me to consider interviewing in another country, such as Ireland. Could get there in a day and back. My migration dream unfortunately seems to have been put on hold for now.

On that rather downhearted note, I will end here. Until next time.