Monday blues.
Weekend blues.
January blues.
Year long blues.
Decade long blues?

The weekend was tough. Other half is in pieces about the ‘direction of the world’. He can’t switch off. I get it. I understand. If I couldn’t switch off from the world right now, I think I would be in pieces too. Unfortunately, the world gives little help to someone who struggles to switch off. It is *on*, all of the time. We struggled to escape at the weekend.

Our plans were sent topsy turvy as someone was shot on my road on Friday night and we had to give a statement to the police on Saturday. Policeman came around. Policeman wanted to discuss politics.

We finally managed to get out for some food and a drink. Had a huge argument, as we had to leave the nice place we had found- the people sat directly behind us were also talking about politics. I could see his face fall. We thought we had found peace. Not the case.

I recently hung an EU flag from my window, yet I often have to close the curtains. Just so that we don’t see the bright blue, flapping reminder of what has been taken from us. In such a cruel and unfair manner.

Managed to persuade him to get out of bed this morning. Only to be faced with news from the French election. Have France not been paying attention to what has happened in the UK at all??? Do they not now appreciate how dangerous it is for them to even consider voting in a politican who will ultimately divide the country? Just like David Cameron did with the UK?

I don’t know how I keep going sometimes. It never rains does it. It really only ever pours.