I no longer have any news or social media applications on my phone. I don’t get mobile phone news alerts. I don’t see headlines. This is my choice. And I like it.

It’s been my mantra for a long time. I deleted Facebook at University, after seeing my friends starting to live a style and type of life purely to show others. I haven’t had it for six or seven years. A number of my peers are now wholly consumed. I must admit, I embraced Twitter a while back- it felt different, it felt newsy. And actually other people are sometimes quite funny and make me laugh. But now it’s just toxic. And people are genuinely hateful on there. So I’m kinda done with that (apart from the occasional Brexit retweet of- ‘48% OF THE COUNTRY STILL EXIST YOU KNOW’ etc etc.).

So, I’m out of the loop. Not in an ignorant way. Just in a ‘I can live my life without knowing about everyone else’s dinner and what celebrity slipped her boob out of her bikini and what meme is trending and what everyone thinks about everyone else’ kind of way.

So I was news free. Until recently, when Google’s app started putted various headlines under their search box from various media outlets.

This enraged me somewhat. Organisations just blindly assume that you want to see it. And I’m even shown headlines from the Daily Mail, which disgust me on a daily basis. In reality, I am the happiest being out of touch. It means I don’t live my life ruled by the latest trends or news or other people’s judgment. If something happens and I need to know about it, someone will tell me.

Last night, I opened Google and saw that North Korea and America are picking a fight with eachother. Am I the only one who thinks this is mental? Is someone not telling Trump to stand effing down? He is putting his country and his people’s future in genuine danger- it’s ridiculous. And it’s dangerous for this world. And there’s just no need. This is the most ridiculous thing (of a huge selection) that he could be doing. Why isn’t his administration telling him to stop?

Google, I would have been fine not knowing about America and North Korea. You stupidly assumed I wanted and needed to know. Google, you now have one less user.