The worst news from Manchester. Children. Young people. Their parents. Not sure what the total number of dead will be. At the moment it stands at 22.

It breaks my heart thinking of those that are still ‘missing’- it means their parents are clinging on to some hope that when the phone rings it will be their child. Not a police officer.

Strangely, I’m finding it frustrating to be so far removed from the location of a terror attack within my own country. When it’s London, I’ve thought I’ll stick two fingers up and go and have a beer in my local anyway, they can’t scare me. Many of my friends have felt the same.

But I’m so far removed. How do I let Manchester know that it will be ok? Apart from a solitary tweet which falls into the realms of cyber space? How do I get to them? How do I show my love? To those children? To those parents?

Manchester did the UK┬áso proud last night. Offering rooms out, and teas out, and phone chargers. Even though I feel like I can’t be there with them, it sounds like they had it covered.

We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.

All my love to Manchester x